This page has materials from John Gribble’s guitar-teaching days. They are offered up freely, but proper attribution and credit for them is expected. And of course “a Piece of the Action” if there is any!


Changing Chords

Changing Chords


Changing Chords is the typed manuscript to a guitar instruction book I wrote in the late 1980s. Although it received careful consideration at several publishers, in the end it never made it to print. And I wasn’t in a position to publish or promote it myself. However, I used the materials and the approaches in my own teaching, including workshops with Music Therapists who needed basic guitar skills, and in my “Guitar Boot Camp” workshops at the annual CTMS Summer Solstice Folk Music and Dance Festival.


The book gives precise instructions on how to change from one chord to another. Based on a “Task Analysis” approach, it shows how the beginning guitarist can use a small number of moves to quickly master the chord changes in the most common keys. It focuses on the moves the left hand makes while the right hand keeps a steady rhythm. There is also some general information on guitars and accessories.


The approach works. Other teachers have adopted and adapted the method, and several people (including a prison inmate) used copies of the manuscript to teach themselves basic chording skills.


My approach to teaching and learning barre chords was published in Acoustic Guitar magazine some years ago (Issue 69, September 1998), and later reprinted in an expanded form in Acoustic Guitar Accompaniment Basics, edited by Scott Nygaard, published by String Letter Publishing.


the chord hand-outs

The Chord Hand-outs


The Chord Hand-outs pdf gives basic chord diagrams with fingerings, progressions, scales in notation and tab, and bass runs for the common first-position keys. I used these in my private teaching and small groups. There are also a one-page chord chart and a page of right-hand picking and strumming patterns. It is a bit “retro” in appearance, being the product of pre-computer technology. But the material is handy, legible, and works. Enjoy.


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